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Wandering Traveler

"Life is meant to be lived fully, and, like any profession, you may find yourself needing some training." Remember, personal life is not a problem to be solved, but an equation to be completed.

Come and let's reason together and achieve the wholeness you are created for.  Your life is a journey with purpose and destiny.  You can find that destiny on a road you took to avoid it.


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Hello, my name is Cliff Newbury

I have forty years of experience with the people service industry.  I have provided care and support for families in crisis, in grief and loss, in stored negative emotional narratives, in mediation, in seniors care, and as a relationship consultant.



• Life Decisions & Success Coaching ($80 Hr.)

• Premarital Coaching (package Fee)

• Marriage Counselling ($100  Hr.)

• Family Support ($100 per Hr.)

• Wedding Ceremonies (Package Fee)

• End of Life Services (Package fee)

• Grief & Loss Counselling ($100 Hr.)
• Emotional Heath Coaching ($100 Hr.)
• Seniors Care in Transitions ($40 Hr.)
• Spiritual Direction ($80 Hr.)
• Mediation ($80 Hr.)
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Wedding Day

Get Premarital Counselling

with Cliff!

He works within your budget

Marjorie & Trevor Wedding

Man Hiking in Nature

Cliff is such a great guy to work with and he's full of wisdom and jokes!

Daylon C. from Calgary

Cliff is diving into his sweet spot!

Maureen S. from Calgary

Thinking Man on Couch

Let's get you back on track.

I offer grief & loss counselling.

This is a hard time for everyone! 

Let's do this together.

 I'm here to help you flatten the emotional curve.

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