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Making every effort to serve you and help you grow.

– Cliff Newbury

I was born and raised in Springdale NL. In the pecking order I am 4th in a family of 7.


I grew up with an alcoholic, abusive father and a kind hearted mother. As an adult I had to work through stored emotional trauma and unhealthy core beliefs of self. I struggled through identity issues that significantly impacted my self esteem, self worth and self confidence.


At the age of 23 I was diagnosed with a very debilitating auto immune condition called rheumatoid arthritis.  I have had multiple joint replacements and revisions over the years. I jokingly say, I have a joint relationship with my doctor.


Months of counselling and reading, about emotional immaturity and health, was life altering and life changing. My EQ and compassion for others flourished. Having been a high school drop-out I returned to school and college at the age of 27 and chose a career path of serving others in the non-profit industry.


I am an avid reader on many subjects in human phycology, desire/beliefs/behaviour, that are core to healthy life and relationships.


I have counselled hundreds of people in premarital, marriage, remarriage and emotional health. Counselling is one of my many strengths and I especially love doing weddings, family blessings and end of life ceremonies.


I have over 40 years of experience and have helped every age group from ages 10 to seniors with great success.


I am  very personable, approachable and I quickly allow people to feel at ease in my presence.


I like to listen, look and believe that there are narrative events in a persons life that are key to unlocking a life into a preferred destiny.

I believe that while one cannot change the events of the past, one can change how one feels about them and find a new way to remember them.


I view humour as a unique human trait to deal with un-forgiveness, bitterness, stored pain and anger.


As a hobbyist I love reading, classic cars, tools and with a group of guys we fix used vehicles to give away to people in need.


I married Marilyn (nee Fitz), a music teacher, in 1981 and we have three adult children, 2 males and 1 female from whom we have been blessed with 4 grandchildren .


I have had a career as a youth worker/ counsellor for 9 years, lead local church pastor for 18 years and 14 years as an associate pastor of pastoral care, counselling & seniors care.


I would love to hear your story, get to know you and pay forward what I have received, that has enabled me to take the frames of shame, pain and abuse of off my own life.

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